Chris Meier
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An experimental ambient track involving 3D spacial audio and delay units. Features Binaural Under a Bridge.

Another ambient track featuring a binaural field recording processed through some reverb.

Binaural Field Recordings

These are field recordings captured with a binaural microphone. Often used as background noise in Chris's music to convey a mood or supply an interesting texture. Chris's shorter non-binaural foley is often used as percussion or sent through a granular sampler for experimental sounds.




Scored Short Films

Top 16 films at 2016 CMF Winner of the Silver Tripod Award for Best Sound at 2016 CMF


Chris Meier is equal parts programmer, electronic musician, and gamer. He's been working with his DAW since 2011 making music as a hobby. Ambient drones, hip hop beats, binaural field recordings, you name it. He has a passion for experimental sounds and wild textures.

Chris has studied C#, Java, C++, PHP, HTML, MySQL, Javascript, and Python over the years. In that time he has obtained experience in game development using Microsoft's XNA framework and creating custom story mods in Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Chris hopes to gain experience in middleware audio tech such as Wwise.